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Events and History from Gelvin, Dungiven, Co. Derry, Ireland.

The photographs and text accompanying this article were taken and written thirteen years ago in 1997 following a school reunion arranged by Mary Mullan and Sinead McNicholl. The intervening years have seen considerable change at the old school and indeed at this time a portion of the exterior is being re-plastered. This should ensure the future of the building for many more years.

The past 13 years have also brought about change in the appearance in some if not in all of those who were there that day. Wrinkles have begun to appear, hair has changed colour and is now less plentiful. Sprinter Sean Mullan now takes 60 seconds for the 100 metres, high jumper Seamus McCloskey can no longer clear 2.45 metres and ball player Charlie McCartney now has difficulty in converting a simple 14 metre penalty.

We are delighted that Paddy Mullan remains hale and hearty and will celebrate his 90th on 5th April 2011.

Regrettably some of those who attended are no longer with us - John Eddie Mullan, Sally Stewart, Robert Boyle, Bernard McNicholl, Alex McCallion, Damien Quigg, Raymond McCartney, Paschal Mullan, Carmel Taggart. May they rest in peace.

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